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Top 5 Album Plays
    1.Three Dog Night
    2.The Carpenters
    3.Ethel Merman
    5.Bay City Rollers

Top 5 Movie Plays
    1.The Exorcist
    2.Night of the Living Dead
    3.Diamonds Are Forever
    4.Easy Rider
    5.Plan 9/Outer Space

Top 5 TV Show Plays
    1.Donny & Marie
    2.The Archies
    3.Banana Splits
    4.All in the Family
    5.Fantasy Island

Top 5 Commercial Plays
    1.Pocket Fisherman
    2.7 Up
    3.Hawaiin Punch
    4.Mr. Microphone
    5.Dr. Pepper



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Established 28 May 2014